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Tip of the day

You will get more out of your bunker practice when you can eat the results!

In the event of an emergency nine holes.
You cannot look directly at the sun, however, a corndog eclipse at 7 am is another story.
What’s in the Bag? Not that important. The important stuff is below.
What ELSE is in the bag. Preparedness for any situation will set you apart from the crowd. Some of the more important items include a large collection of ALL ACCESS badges that when worn in bulk will confuse any clubhouse door attendant and get you in just about anywhere. The wristrocket is useful when a backswing is not available and when local wildlife becomes a nuisance. Those AP strokesavers still serve well, his thoughts on fairway bunkers are rock solid. If play is slow, or not going well, several of the items (minus the rubber gloves) will divert the mental energy and assist in a refocus. Remember, this is a pro’s assortment, refined over decades of competition. Be creative, think about what goes on out there and find a way to keep it fun. That’s the bottom line. Wait, this is the bottom line!
October 30, 2019
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